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Subscription Plan: This plan provides not only access to our extensive course catalog but also dedicated mentorship for content mastery and effective career planning. Please note, course completion is required before starting a new one, ensuring a solid grasp of material. The plan requires an initial R2,500 deposit, reflecting our commitment to quality education. You may cancel anytime with a month's notice. Start your learning journey today!

Self-paced: Unlock your learning potential with our one-time payment option. This plan offers you access to comprehensive training manuals and supplemental materials for a period of up to 12 months, empowering you to learn at your own pace. While this option does not include mentor support, our dedicated career advisors remain readily available to guide you. Make a single investment to revolutionize your learning experience and open doors to new possibilities.

Teach Yourself VISUALLY Google Workspace

Enroll in the Teach Yourself VISUALLY Google Workspace course and lab to master Google Workspace effortlessly. This comprehensive program explores the full range of Google Workspace applications, including Gmail for email, Google Drive for online storage, and productivity tools like Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides. Additionally, it delves into the functionality of Google Keep for note-taking and the Google Forms app. Richly illustrated content ensures a clear understanding, and hands-on exercises offer a practical learning experience with these applications.

Certification Objectives:

The Google Workspace course aims to achieve several key objectives:

Comprehensive Understanding:

  • Provide a thorough comprehension of Google Workspace, covering various applications and their functionalities.

Effective Communication:

  • Enable learners to proficiently use Gmail for seamless and efficient communication via email.

Efficient Document Management:

  • Teach effective utilization of Google Drive for organizing and managing documents in the cloud.

Productivity Applications Mastery:

  • Familiarize learners with Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides to enhance productivity in document creation, data analysis, and presentations.

Note-Taking Proficiency:

  • Instruct on the use of Google Keep for efficient note-taking and organization.

Form Creation and Management:

  • Equip learners with the skills to create and manage forms effectively using Google Forms.

Hands-On Experience:

  • Provide practical, hands-on experience with Google Workspace applications through labs and exercises.

Visual Learning:

  • Utilize visual aids and resources to enhance the learning experience and facilitate better understanding.

Preparation for Certification:

  • Prepare learners for the Google Workspace certification exam, ensuring they have the knowledge and skills needed to pass.

Real-world Application:

  • Empower learners to apply their knowledge in real-world scenarios, whether in a professional or personal context.

Hands on Activities (Live Labs)

Getting Started with Google Workspace

  1. Signing In to Google Workspace
  2. Running an App
  3. Setting Your Profile Photo

Managing Files and Folders in Google Drive

  1. Creating a Folder to Add Files in Google Drive
  2. Creating a Shortcut to a File or Folder
  3. Renaming a File or Folder

Performing Common Tasks in Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slides


  1. Creating a New Document
  2. Applying Basic Formatting
  3. Printing a Document

Inserting Objects in Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slides


  1. Inserting a Table in Google Docs
  2. Inserting a Chart in Google Docs

Working in Google Docs


  1. Inserting Page Numbers in Google Docs
  2. Creating the Header

Sharing and Collaborating on Files

  1. Sharing a Document on Google Drive
  2. Comparing Two Documents in Google Docs
  3. Reverting to an Earlier Verison of a Document

Working in Google Sheets

  1. Importing Data into Google Sheets
  2. Inserting a Function in Google Sheets
  3. Highlighting Data using Conditional Formatting

Learning Advanced Google Sheets Features

  1. Filtering Data in a Google Sheet
  2. Applying Data Validation to Google Sheets
  3. Creating a Macro in Google Sheets

Working in Google Slides

  1. Inserting Word Art in Google Slides
  2. Organizing the Slides in a Presentation
  3. Creating a Handout for Google Slides

Sending and Receiving Email

  1. Sending an Email using Confidential Mode
  2. Scheduling an Email to Send Later
  3. Creating an Email Filter

Organizing Your Life

  1. Creating a Google Calendar
  2. Creating an Event in Google Calendar
  3. Creating a Google Task

Creating Forms with Google Forms

  1. Creating a Form
  2. Adding Collaborators to a Form
  3. Sending a Form via Email

Target Audience:

The Google Workspace course is designed for a diverse audience, including professionals seeking to optimize productivity, students and educators aiming to leverage collaboration tools, small business owners looking to streamline operations, IT professionals managing organizational infrastructure, office administrators handling daily tasks, freelancers and remote workers reliant on cloud-based solutions, and individuals preparing for Google Workspace certification. This comprehensive course provides a tailored learning experience for users of all levels, making it accessible and beneficial for beginners and advanced learners alike.

Benefits and Beyond:

The Google Workspace course offers numerous benefits. Firstly, it equips learners with a comprehensive understanding of Google's suite of productivity and collaboration tools, enabling them to work efficiently and effectively. Additionally, it provides hands-on experience through labs and exercises, ensuring practical application of knowledge. The course also prepares individuals for the Google Workspace certification exam, enhancing their professional credentials and career prospects. Furthermore, it caters to a diverse audience, from students to professionals, making it a versatile and valuable resource for various learning needs. Overall, the uCertify Google Workspace course empowers individuals to harness the full potential of Google's tools for improved productivity and collaboration in both personal and professional settings.


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